How to Integrate Influencers in Brand’s Content Strategy

by Yuliya Gorenko | 01.11.2022

The role of influencers in content marketing is evolving. With their highly engaged and loyal social media followers, they have become sought-after as brand endorsers.

In fact, in the 2019 State of Influencer Marketing report published by Linqia, 57% of the respondents from marketing companies indicated that influencer content outperformed content created by their brands.

Let’s delve into how you can effectively integrate influencers into your brand’s content marketing strategy.

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Whether you run a B2B or a B2C brand, influencers should be an integral part of your content strategy.


How does content marketing work?

Content marketing involves the creation and distribution of communication assets that target your brand audience across certain digital channels. These creative materials can come in various forms, whether it be short tweets, shareable listicles, informative blog articles, lengthy e-books, or videos. 

However, content marketing entails more than simply creating content. Brands should aim to produce content that delivers value to their audience. An effective, audience-focused content marketing strategy can help strengthen a brand’s relationship with its target market. It can also help generate leads that evolve into conversions. 

To come up with a solid content marketing plan, you need to identify your target audience and the type of content that resonates with them. Here are a few things to keep in mind when working out the brand’s content strategy:

  • Tailor your content according to the needs and preferences of the audience. 
  • Aim for content that would help enrich the consumer experience. 
  • Create pieces that would induce interaction with your brand. 
  • When you provide good content, consumers become motivated to discover more about your brand. 

Why should brands work with influencers?

Influencers are trusted experts in a specific niche. They’re usually armed with knowledge of best practices, rich experiences, access to significant data, and a wealth of inspiring stories. People consider them authorities in the field and look at them for valuable insights. Having built their reputation within the community, influencers can significantly impact the preferences and buying decisions of their audience. In this age of social media, their opinion matters. As such, influencers can be great partners in building brand awareness and engagement for your brand. By tapping into the influencer’s fan base, brands can piggyback on the power of the influencer’s community. 

How can influencers be integrated into a content marketing mix?

Brands can build a network of influencers and leverage the influencers’ clout to maximize the brand’s visibility and grow their business.

At Mischka, we employ a two-pronged media strategy for content marketing campaigns. We help our clients build out their brand content ecosystem.



We start with building a content strategy for your brand’s own channels. These include the company website, blog, social media accounts, and other channels that the brand controls. We thoroughly collaborate with brands in identifying what they want to communicate to the public. We unravel their key message, values, and differentiation points. We then define the needs and interests of their target audience and create content that fills these needs.

Next, we widen the brand’s presence through earned channels. We seed share-worthy content through various platforms, and we reach out to communities to help us spread awareness about the brand, particularly through word of mouth. 

In both of these approaches, influencers play a key role.

How to Build A Prosperous Brand-Influencer Relationship?

With the increasing importance of influencers in content marketing, it is essential for brands to build a lasting brand-influencer relationship. The key to such a relationship is cultivating trust and offering value. So, take time to establish mutually beneficial relationships with influencers whose vision aligns with yours.

Food for thought: Influencer programs are all about relationship building and then nurturing those relationships. This can be incredibly time-consuming.

When choosing an influencer to work with, do not simply rely on popularity. Reach out to influencers whose niche is relevant to your brand. The strength and longevity of your influencer relationship would be enhanced by an influencer’s genuine connection with your product or service. Influencers who have use for your products and services can reach a more receptive audience.

Once you have chosen influencers who match your brand image and culture, treat them as collaborators and not merely paid partners. Give them creative freedom instead of dictating how to promote your brand. Keep in mind that influencers know their audience the most. They understand what content resonates with their followers, so trust their judgment on how to present your brand.

Be straightforward with your pitch. State how you wish to collaborate with them, but be open to their insights as well. Strive to align your brand with something they are passionate about. Offer support for their causes to create a deeper connection. When they feel that you genuinely care about them, they will also be more supportive of your brand.

While influencers do not necessarily work with brands just for money or corporate freebies, it is still proper to compensate them for helping you put your brand out there. It shows that you value the time and effort they would put into promoting your brand. It also motivates them to continue working with you.

Also, ensure that your products and services meet the expectations of influencers. When they do, their interest in your brand is piqued. 

Influencer Marketing: A One-Off Initiative or A Long-Term Program

Getting an influencer to work with you on a campaign should not be just a one-off initiative. An influencer program should be a continuous partnership that creates a pool of loyal brand ambassadors.

Here at Mischka, we believe that influencers should be nurtured and handled strategically. To maximize the benefits of influencer marketing, we find ways to engage influencers on a regular basis. We focus on finding the best partners and building a symbiotic relationship, creating opportunities for both to thrive and grow together.

In designing your influencer program, think long-term and seek the right influencers for your brand. With the right partners, you can get more meaningful results that improve steadily over time.

Add Influencers to your Content Strategy

Whether you run a B2B or a B2C brand, influencers are an integral part of your content strategy. It is essential to find and build a strong relationship with influencers who would care about your brand. As they derive value from your brand, you would benefit from their influential clout.

At Mischka, we can help you understand the value of influencers in content marketing. With a well-crafted content strategy, you can significantly improve your campaign, gain better ROAs, and accelerate business growth.



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